Distance: 14 km
Duration (average) : 6h
Level: Red level - Difficult
Elevation: 1150 D +
Departure: Voreppe
Yellow paint markings and directional posts at the main intersections (if there is no marking, stay on the main road)
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Delicate passage downhill via the Cheminée de Mont-Saint-Martin


Departing from Chalais, this route will take you to the heights through the national forest of the Grande Chartreuse. You will pass through Charminelle, a magnificent flowery meadow (June) whose name evokes an altitude pasture near the ridges.

Coming to the pasture at the top of the Hurtière chimney is a great moment. From the pass, the vast open spaces under the line of the rocky escarpments of the Grande Sure are impressive. You will walk on the lawn of the Hurtières mountain pasture, from the Latin urtica which evokes nettles (around the sheepfold), towards the Varavey pasture which bears the name of the veratre, alpine lilac often confused with the great yellow gentian . The alpine pastures continue to the Chalet des Banettes before descending via the Mont-Saint-Martin chimney (be careful!)

But what is an alpine pasture?
The mountain pastures are high altitude meadows grazed by herds of cows and sheep led in semi-freedom under the supervision of a shepherd. Agro-pastoral activity makes it possible to promote grass for food for herds but also to preserve the richness and quality of natural environments.

Possible meetings:
With the shepherd, but above all with the flocks.
Be sure to close any fences you cross and keep your dog on a leash. The pasture is a space to be shared, it is a workplace for the shepherd and the chalet a private space for the shepherd. Avoid herds, avoid noises or abrupt gestures.

Tour stages:
- Chalais Monastery
- Roize shelter
- Charminella
- Col d'Hurtière
- Varavay Meadow
- Chalet des Banettes
- Côte Charvet
- Foot of the Côte Charvet
- Spain
- Fireplace of Mont-Saint-Martin
- Chalais Monastery

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