Distance: 6.8 km
Duration (average) : 1h
Level: Green Level - Easy
Elevation: 46 D +
Departure: Rives
Yellow paint markings and directional posts at the main intersections (if there is no marking, stay on the main road)
In the countryside, Mountain view
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Road crossing with section of road without shoulder over 100m (D50f)


Sports walking, also known as brisk walking or active walking, is a sport that is practiced at a faster pace than walking practiced on a daily basis. The proposed course is the only one that is almost flat in the Pays Voironnais plain of Bièvre!

Sports walking therefore works the breath, endurance and almost all the muscles of the body. This sport, unlike hiking, is practiced on even terrain.
Sports walking has a variable pace depending on the goals of each individual. The walking speed can range from 5 to 10 km/hour. Sports walkers do sessions of 30 minutes to several hours,
This sport, which can be practiced in any weather, requires little investment in equipment: there are shoes adapted to this practice. It is also one of the least traumatic for the body and the joints. The risk of injury is reduced.
The course is all dirt road from the D50f. Short warm-up of 700 m from the Parking des Pastières to join the 5 km course which begins as soon as the road is crossed.

Additional information : Avoid in hot weather You are on agricultural land, also frequented by hunters from the municipal hunting association. Did you know ? Hunters have a public service mission in the management of wildlife and their habitats. The hunting plan aims to ensure "good management of natural balances by regulating population numbers and participating in the financing of game damage" source: National Federation of Hunters. Why the name of the field of the wolf? This comes from the echoes of the Middle Ages when there were still wolves and where fields were situated in relation to attacks.

Tips and Suggestions: 
Pedestrian map of the Pays Voironnais at 1/25000 (on sale at 5 € in the reception offices of Voiron and Lac de Paladru)

Sustainable tourism : 
Mother Nature thanks you for leaving with your waste, she digests it badly! Respect cultures and private properties by staying on marked trails.

Topo/step by step: 
Stages of the circuit with the name of the signposts to follow: - From the car park return towards the road and go up on the Chemin des Fouillouses on the left - Les Pastières - Fouillouses - First Champ du Loup post (turn right - north - in the direction of the Large Pieces) - Second post Champ du Loup (turn right -to the south- in the direction of the Large Pieces). - At the road, follow the arrow on the left - 100 meters further, take the path on the left - At the Y, take the path on the right (there is a marking on a tree) and continue along the hedge between the fields . - Post of the Large Pieces (turn left in the direction of the Champ du Loup) - Fouillouses - Les Pastières

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Departure car park: accessible from the D50. Coming from the center of Rives, turn left at the Pastières bus stop, on Chemin de la Courbatière (with the zone 30 sign).

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The swift walk of the wolf

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