Happy owners of a paddle, canoe, sailboat or other watercraft? Sailing on the waves with your boat is possible but inacquitting his right to navigate !

The right to navigate

Lac de Paladru is a private lake, managed by the Société du lac. Also to navigate, all boats must be equipped with a navigation right, whatever the use.

Fishermen, if you are fishing from a boat, to be in good standing you must have your navigation rights, your fishing license and your boat fishing rights.

It should be noted

Motorboats with a power equal to or greater than 9,9 HP are limited and therefore subject to a special authorization, which can only be issued by the Société du lac de Paladru. The request must be made in writing to: Société du lac - 1671, route du lac - 38850 Villages du lac de Paladru

The settlement of Lake Paladru

The first rule to know is that you have the right to navigate during the day only. Indeed, navigation is authorized half an hour before sunrise and up to half an hour after sunset!

Where to buy your navigation rights?

It's up to you to choose the option that suits you best:

  • On site with the travel counselors at the Pays Voironnais Tourist Office, Lac de Paladru reception desk in Charavines. Open daily from April to September; Monday to Friday in October, November, February and March. For any questions call us on 04 76 93 17 60.
    Consult the opening hours
  • Online on the website of the SCI du lac de Paladru www.lacpaladru.com - Phone 06 32 11 48 26

How much does it cost ?

The price of the navigation right varies according to the type of boat (with or without engine, electric or gasoline engine, engine power) and can be taken for the year, month or day. For year-round authorization, the numbered self-adhesive sticker supplied with it must be affixed to the aft gunwale or to the paddle handle to identify the boat.

The launching points:

Carte du lac de Paladru zone mise à l'eau
Map of Lac de Paladru