In 2021, the Grange Dîmière offered you an exhibition by plastic ceramist Jane Norbury.

The plastic ceramist Jane Norbury loves the earth (s). It approaches it in its different states: raw, powder, malleable, fluid, cooked ... the essential being these 5 letters EARTH which connect it to our earthly anchorage.

Jane Norbury strives to enrich the different states of this material with a palette of sometimes improbable colors. They are all natural and taken, here and there, by the ceramist. The exhibition at the Grange Dîmière, which required two years of work and reflection, reflects this approach: the history of the site, the geography and the geology of the place are reinterpreted.

In this monumental installation, the gaze is initially drawn to its graphic and vertical designs. Here the mastery of the gesture and the material is obvious and gives birth to these drips of colored earths which nourish our imagination. These curtains accompany our gaze to the ground where the fluidity of movement continues on the boards of the centuries-old floor. The earth has changed state. Transformed by fire, it leaves room for Passers ... Those who facilitate the passage.
A metaphor for the passage of time or an invitation to seek other possibilities? It is up to everyone to imagine their own path, the senses awakening within this sensitive journey which only asks to wake them up.