Distance: 2.88 km
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Elevation: 430 D +
Departure: Voiron
Round trip
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Departing from the town center of Voiron, this urban trail for the first kilometer will then take you through the forest, with sometimes steep sections, to the statue of Notre-Dame de Vouise perched on a tower: guaranteed panorama of the Chartreuse and Seeon.

At the foot of the tower you will discover a spiral staircase, 90 steps to climb and on arrival this splendid panorama over the Chartreuse, the Vercors and Voiron.

Topo / step by step : - Voiron Church of Saint-Bruno
- The Bib
- La Garenne
- The Regardou
- Our Lady of Vouise
- Return by the same route

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  • Blue level - Moderate


Free access.