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Here are all the "Current field information" to know before leaving.

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Chartreuse sector

Due to the current snow cover, the trail courses from Chalais are not practicable !
As for the hiking trails, why not rediscover them by snowshoes ? Of course, caution is still in order!

Valdaine sector

Following forestry work which has started in the Servelongue forest, the Domi, Servelongue, Larembert and La Savoyère sectors on Saint Sulpice des Rivoires are not passable.
The circuits concerned are as follows:

Parcours trail n° 50 : Boucle de Servelongue

Trail course n ° 50: Loop of Servelongue

10.8 km Moderate 400 D +
Circuit VTT n°34 – Le Faucon

MTB circuit n ° 34 - The Falcon

24.6 km Difficult 895 D +
Rando pédestre : Fontaine Mignonne, l’autre forêt !

Hiking: Fontaine Mignonne, the other forest!

9 km 2.30 p.m Moderate 130 D +
Rando pédestre : Des châteaux à la campagne

Hiking: Castles in the countryside

14.2 km 4h Moderate 839 D +
Circuit VTT n°35 – Saint Sixte le lac

MTB circuit n ° 35 - Saint Sixte le lac

19.2 km Difficult 690 D +
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