Here, our waters are turquoise and the altitude is within reach of hiking, we have good food on our plates and sparkles in the eyes. The Pays Voironnais will know how to charm you with all its little secrets and multiple activities that vary with the seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter ... switch from one to the other while enjoying a 100% natural recreation area, available for breathing and getting away from it all!

Paladru lake webcam image at Le Pin beach

There, a dip in the lake next to a good table, further a field, a mountain walk... all the ingredients are there to have a good time for two, with family or friends. Do you prefer the peace and quiet? Relaxation is also on the cards! As for cultural discoveries, between historical sites, museums and lively highlights, you never get bored here!

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Nothing is monotonous here if you open your eyes wide and keep your senses awake! You will then see that the Pays Voironnais offers several decorations and that there is something for all tastes. Lake, plain, hills, city or countryside, here is an overview ↓

Le lac de Paladru

Paladru lake



Massif de la Chartreuse

Chartreuse massif



Vallée de l’Isère

Isère Valley

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Office de tourisme du Pays Voironnais, Bureau d’accueil du Lac de Paladru
Tourist Office

Pays Voironnais tourist office, Paladru lake reception office

Office de Tourisme du Pays Voironnais, Bureau d’accueil de Voiron
Tourist Office

Pays Voironnais Tourist Office, Voiron Reception Office