The Pays Voironnais is a Trail destination in its own right with its 14 permanent circuits and there is something for all levels! Don't miss the new Pays Voironnais Trail Series challenge launched by the region's organizers and their ambassadors with the support of the Pays Voironnais destination.

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Challenge Pays Voironnais Trail Series

Challenge Pays Voironnais Trail Series

Not convinced ?! Watch our new videos 😉 They will definitely give you the motivation to come and discover the 14 trail circuits in our region and/or challenge yourself on the Pays Voironnais Trail Series!

See you on the courses or on the starting lines of the races!

The Pays Voironnais in Isère, a land of trail running

Challenge yourself with the Pays Voironnais Trail Series

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Station de Trail du Pays Voironnais

Pays Voironnais Trail Station

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The Pays Voironnais offers 14 permanent trail courses for all levels, with a schedule guaranteeing of trail events all year !

For beginners, very close to Voiron, the trail of the rise of the Vouise ends with a panoramic view of the Chartreuse and Voiron from the top of the tower where the statue of Our Lady of Vouise.

For the confirmed, the great trail of Lake Paladru allows you to make a complete tour of the lake while discovering the surrounding natural and historical heritage.

The most difficult trail in the Pays Voironnais is that of balconies of the Grande Sure. These 22,8 km and 1690 of positive elevations make it a circuit reserved for experts !