Located at an altitude of 300m, Voiron, capital of the Pays Voironnais, is also the gateway to the Chartreuse Regional Nature Park. It offers its inhabitants and visitors a welcoming and lively portrait. It is the cradle of many local products of international fame...

The city's history

Even if Voiron has kept some traces of a medieval past (St Peter's church, Sermorens district, The Barral tower…), the city was remodeled under the industrial era in the XXth century. Stationery and weaving have given way to internationally renowned companies such as Radiall, Sidas...
Another symbol, and not the least, of the capital of the Pays Voironnais: the imposing Saint Bruno's church, readily nicknamed "cathedral" by the people of the region. Although of recent construction (1864), this building is inspired by the cathedrals of the Middle Ages.

Strolls and walks in Voiron

Stroll through one of the oldest and most important markets in the Rhône-Alpes region, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, where the smells, colours and flavours will awaken your senses. Then, stroll through the shopping streets with colorful facades where you will find windows and sunny terraces; look up and you will see architectural details that deserve to linger a while more: here, a lion enthroned very close to the viaduct, there, antique doors. You will admire the valances of the buildings' windows and the imposing bourgeois houses surrounded by their park like the Château de la Brunerie in the heights or that of Déchandol facing the garden of the town hall.
To access a superb view of the city and the surrounding area, take your walking shoes and climb to the top of the hill of Notre-Dame de Vouise. Leave from Saint-Bruno's Church and follow the marked paths!

Notre-Dame de Vouise

Our Lady of Vouise

6.8 km 2h quite difficult 470 D +
Vues d’archi, balade en ville à Voiron

« An architect's point of view», a guide for a city walk in Voiron

Balade virtuelle Archistoire «Voiron, en quête d’histoire urbaine»

Archistoire virtual walk “Seeon, in search of urban history”

Tastings & local products

Voiron has remained a craft town, proud of its local commerce, where visitors and locals alike love to stroll. At the bend of an artery, you will find a framer, a seamstress, a cheese maker, a fishmonger... with the Wednesday and Saturday market, one of the oldest and most impressive in the Rhône-Alpes region, so many local knowhows are to discover!

Voiron is also home to the famous Chartreuse Cellars, where the centuries-old liqueur was made until 2018. From then on, if the manufacturing site is in Aiguenoire in the town of Entre-Deux-Guiers, the historic site of Voiron has been repolished and welcomes the public for a new tour (think about booking in advance!). An immersion in the history of this liqueur emblematic of the territory, on a site considered as one of the largest liqueur cellars in the world.
Sweet palates will dive into the fragrant world of the Bonnat chocolate factory, one of the last in France to work with chocolate from the bean to the finished product.

Terroir et savoir-faire locaux

Local terroir and know-how

Boutique des Caves de la Chartreuse

Caves de la Chartreuse shop

Did you know?

Voiron is also the cradle of the more than a century old and alcohol-free drink, known by more than 80% of the French population, theAntesite! You will find it on sale in the syrup department of supermarkets and local product stores as well as in our reception offices in Voiron and Charavines.

To spend your evenings with style, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and shows await you. Do not hesitate to take a tour of the Pays Voironnais Tourist Office, where we will give you the program of outings and activities in the Pays Voironnais, or consult the Calendar page of our site!

Agenda & sorties

Calendar & outings

Le Grand Angle

The Grand Angle