In the Isère valley, from La Murette to Tullins, from Rives to Saint-Jean-de-Moirans, the wide open spaces are suitable for family walks and country walks among the cherry and walnut trees.

Did you know?

Most of the municipalities in this sector are part of the territory covered by the PDO "Grenoble walnuts" thanks to a climate that is both humid and windy. The production is thus recognized for its quality and its inimitable flavor.

Nature walks and discovery of local products

Many marked trails await walkers. Depending on the season and your desires of the moment, opt for a refreshing stroll or a walk through the walnut groves!

Gorges de Roches Corbière

Gorges of Roches Corbiere

4.3 km 1h Easy-to-use 104 D +
De belvédères en panoramas

From belvederes to panoramas

21.2 km 5h Difficult 568 D +
La marche rapide du loup

The swift walk of the wolf

6.8 km 1h Easy-to-use 46 D +

Roaming by bike: the Belle Via runs through the Voiron region between Voreppe and Tullins

It runs along the wooded dykes of the Isère, enjoy beautiful views along this route which will take you to the Drôme. find it complete course in Isère on Isère Tourism.

A service area allows you to charge the batteries to make a detour by visiting the essentials nearby...

Véloroute la Belle Via en Pays Voironnais

La Belle Via cycle route in the Voironnais region

Aire de service cyclo Belle Via Vallée de l’Isère

Belle Via cycle service area in the Isère Valley

The Domaine de Saint-Jean-de-Chépy, an unusual place for your receptions and seminars!

The Estate located in the town of Tullins offers its guests a unique experience. Around its 10th century castle and its XVIIth century Celestial Vault, listed as a Historic Monument, lies a XNUMX-hectare park.

Domaine Saint-Jean de Chépy

Domaine Saint-Jean de Chà © py

Parc du Domaine Saint Jean de Chépy
Cultural heritage

Domaine Saint Jean de Chépy park

Let yourself be tempted by an orientation course in the Clos des Chartreux park!

The Clos des Chartreux park in Tullins has several orientation routes, a botanical path and a belvedere offering a breathtaking view of the Vercors and the Isère valley: an ideal spot for a fun family outing!

Sentier botanique du parc du Clos des Chartreux

Botanical trail in the Clos des Chartreux park

Parc du Clos des Chartreux à Tullins
Cultural heritage

Clos des Chartreux Park in Tullins

Discover the local producers

When you return from your walk, take home some local products! The producers offer you direct sales on their farms.

Vente de poissons à la pisciculture du moulin

Sale of fish at the mill fish farm

Vente de baies de Goji et produits dérivés à Terre de Goji

Sale of Goji berries and derived products at Terre de Goji

Vente d’huile de noix et de cerneaux au GAEC des Murailles

Sale of walnut and kernel oil at GAEC des Murailles

Vente de légumes de saison, oeufs et noix bio aux Jardins du Coteau

Sale of seasonal vegetables, eggs and organic nuts at the Jardins du Coteau

Vente de noix et huile de noix bio à la ferme Guillaume Vial

Sale of organic walnuts and walnut oil at the Guillaume Vial farm

Vente de fromage de chèvre et noix de Grenoble à la ferme de Galerne

Sale of goat cheese and walnuts at the Galerne farm

Vente de légumes, de fleurs et d’arbres aux Jardins de la Solidarité

Sale of vegetables, flowers and trees at the Jardins de la Solidarité