Historical constructions, religious heritage, contemporary architecture… Everything astonishes and amazes! We open our eyes and travel from yesterday to today, between legends and reality, to cultivate our curiosity!

Discovering the "Land of Art and History"

Le Voiron country, thanks to its historical, heritage, architectural and natural wealth, has been labeled since 2013 Country of Art and History. Territory of diversity from the agricultural plain of Isère to Lac de Paladru, from the foothills of Chartreuse to the hills of Voironnaise, it indeed conceals many treasures.

It works to learn about the heritage of the Pays Voironnais, to preserve the quality of its architecture and its landscapes, and to promote them to residents and visitors.

Take advantage of guided meetings each year

Proposed by the Country of Art and History, they are devoted to architecture and heritage. A renewed and varied program: thematic walks, discovery of a site, building or landscape, family activity, or even meeting with professionals... Each meeting is a new source of discovery, an invitation to immerse yourself in the landscapes and stories that have shaped the place.

Find the 2023 program of the Pays d'Art et d'Histoire:

Programmation du Pays d’Art et d’Histoire

Programming of the Country of Art and History

Discover the town of Voiron on your own:

Vues d’archi, balade en ville à Voiron

« An architect's point of view», a guide for a city walk in Voiron

Balade virtuelle Archistoire «Voiron, en quête d’histoire urbaine»

Archistoire virtual walk “Seeon, in search of urban history”

With a guide-lecturer

They pass on their knowledge and share their knowledge with passion and professionalism for friendly and original moments of discovery!

GIN’Steve, votre guide de poche !

GIN'Steve, your pocket guide!