Your Tourist Office obtained its category I classification in 2017.

Valid for 5 years, the ranking must be renewed in 2022.

We made the choice of classification in category 1 to allow us to obtain the Tourism Quality Mark and allow the municipalities of the territory to request their classification as tourist municipalities, then as tourist resorts. Currently 3 towns are classified as tourist towns: Bilieu, Charavines and Voiron.

Why a classification of work orders?

The classification of Tourist Offices, created by the French Ministry of Tourism is a sign of national recognition which guarantees consistency and homogeneity in the services that Tourist Offices offer you across French holiday destinations.

Whatever the classification of the Tourist Office (from category I to category III), you will find the same base of services which will meet your main needs.

Category II and Category I Tourist Offices will offer you extended services, will have a greater role and action on the territory and will have more resources in order to always better welcome you, advise you and satisfy you.