You will find several types of products in our stores, for you or as a gift, the choice is yours! Books, postcards, local products, products co-branded with Rossignol…. as well as some hiking maps.

A space for local know-how

In our stores you will find a selection of local products: Chartreuse mignonettes, craft beers, rosé and white wines, non-alcoholic aperitifs, jams, walnut oil, biscuits, Antésite, etc. As a gift we also offer the Vouis' box. Star including a Chartreuse product, a Bonnat product and an Antésite product, and the possibility of creating a basket with the products of your choice.

New: products co-branded with Rossignol

New: the wooden or metal skyline of the Pays Voironnais

New: the Voiron Commerce card

Please note: the Voiron Commerce card is not sold at the Lac de Paladru reception office in Charavines.

Salty, sweet, to drink or eat

Textile crafts, jewelry, soaps, candles

Also find some textile items including tote bags, towels and cushions...

But also honey soaps, handmade beeswax candles, kits, card holders and jewelry.

All made in Pays Voironnais of course 😉

Not to mention some bookstore items


Beautiful images and our posters in postcards.

Watercolors by Richard Cole.

beautiful decorative posters

Affiche Lac de Paladru

The “Lac de Paladru” poster created by Stéphane Piquet of Nouvel'R Design is on sale for €15 in our reception offices. A great gift idea in A2 format (59,4 x 42 cm).

The “Voiron” poster is also on sale for €15 at our reception desks.

For hiking ideas

Map of walking routes in the Pays Voironnais, Chartreuse, and book of hiking ideas on Vercors or Chartreuse ...

Isère… on foot – €14,90