A look back at two artists who exhibited: Christian Faillat and Blux.

Ceramic exhibition by Christian Faillat

Interpreting the history of this place, then dependent on the Carthusian monastery of the Sylve Bénite, the Burgundian artist Christian Faillat delivers his ceramic works here, as storage rooms or other accessories in raw earth.

A little capacity and some accessories.

The tenants were probably not happy to bring their tax to the barn, but was it not necessary to put on a good face in the hope of obtaining some divine grace?
Thus were to pile up chests, bags, jars, bottles and containers of all kinds, in a sort of ali-babesque cavern of food.
Through his work, the artist expresses this accumulation by exhibiting various storage elements and other accessories in raw earth, one red and one black, engobed in white to reveal the structure of the surfaces.

Discover the retrospective in video:

Blux exhibition

Blux, an artist from Grenoble trained at the National School of Architecture in Grenoble and Barcelona, ​​questions space, landscapes and realities through his creations. Through visual and sound devices, he questions what surrounds us.

BLUX: “La Grange Dîmière.
Chartreux building anchored to the edge of the forest. Its naked and raw megastructure is of a bewitching presence.

Genius loci! These columnar trees occupy the space to captivate the visitor at its center. The order is then realized in a content without a container. The collected materials are another component but feed the pilgrim passing through.

Continuum? If the building is seen here diverted from its traditional character of harvest shelter, tangible and functional, it is to become the setting for an experience that is both visual, spatial and sound. A creation where light, geometry and space interact. Luminous devices, projected images, constructed objects, draw a new configuration of space in an ethereal atmosphere, conducive to a certain introspection. Impressions and silences.
Space for itself, endless. The architectural characteristics of the place are brought into resonance; operate an abyss of its singular aesthetic by reflections, details and clues. Multiplied, enlarged or uncertain, it can also be infinite and lead to other universes.

The observer's perception is then summoned so that he glides his gaze inside bottomless spaces and embarks with Droplet Airlines for a landscaped sound journey.
Towards new climatic horizons. "