In 2022, the Grange Dîmière offered you an exhibition of the ceramist Ule Ewelt “ANIMA(L).

The sculptures with prehistoric features by the ceramist Ule Ewelt plunge us into an atmosphere steeped in history and legends. A return to the cradle of our origins, when human existence was closely linked to that of animals...

The artist examines the close and contradictory relationship between humans and animals. This goes back to the origins of mankind. The study of archaic representations and animals convinced her to place the Human-Animal relationship at the heart of her artistic work.

Buffalo head, woolly rhinoceros, horse, mammoth… The ceramic sculptures take us back to prehistory, remind us of rock art but also of the history of the territory, recalled by excavations at Lake Paladru. These discoveries confirm the pre-existing link between humans and animals: between life, threat and legends. Beyond the figurative, it is the soul of these animals that Ule Ewelt reveals to us.

Rediscover the teaser of the “Anima(l)” exhibition