The archaeological museum of Lac de Paladru, the Malp, opens its doors in Villages-du-lac-de-Paladru on June 7, after two and a half years of work.

An establishment under the name Museum of France, dedicated to the archaeological remains submerged under the waters of the lake for nearly 5000 years.
Le Malp offers an exceptional light on the life of the men of these shores at two times, the Neolithic and the year one thousand. Museum on a human scale, the Malp offers all audiences user-friendly access to resources whose scientific interest is unanimously acclaimed.

Led by the Cultural Heritage Department of the Pays Voironnais Urban Community, this project responds to the desire to preserve and enhance these collections in order to offer them to the curiosity of as many people as possible. It is part of a cultural policy affirmed at the scale of the territory, and comes to enrich the regional tourist offer in a remarkable natural site.

Who were the ancient inhabitants of the shores of the lake? How did they live, how did they shape the landscape, what footprints did they leave there?
Visitors are invited to follow a thematic journey through which the two eras respond to each other.
A rare journey through time, thanks to objects in excellent condition preserved for so long by the lake environment.

A new era is dawning for the archaeological collections of Lake Paladru.

Nearly four decades of excavations (1972-1986 for the Neolithic site of Les Baigneurs, 1972-2009 for the medieval site of Colletière) have brought to light thousands of very well preserved objects, including organic materials. The public discovered them from 1988, thanks to the small archaeological museum opened in a municipal building in Charavines, and during exhibitions at the Musée dauphinois in Grenoble, the Louvre or the Grand Palais in Paris.

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This remarkable heritage lacked the exhibition space it deserved. It is now done with the opening of the Malp, a museum with regional and national influence, a transmitter of universal history.

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A little preview of the 2022 program:

Atelier en famille « Jeu d’échecs »
Cultural activity

Family workshop “Chess game”

Atelier en famille : « Néo bâti »
Cultural activity

Family workshop: “Neo buildings”

Visite guidée régulière des collections du MALP

Regular guided tour of the MALP collections

Villages of Lake Paladru