From bottom to top and top to bottom, we go up, down and breathe deeply! In Pays Voironnais, you have what you need to step over, tread on, and slide down all types of terrain in the heart of varied landscapes.

Our permanent routes

From one circuit to another, the terrain is varied as are the surrounding landscapes which pass by with each stride: views of Lake Paladru, gentleness of the Valdaine hills, dry climbs in Chartreuse... Here, we mix D+ and from D-, advanced technicality or more accessible, different levels of difficulty, all in a remarkable environment, with breathtaking views!

  • Lake side

7 routes from Charavines or Paladru, for trail runners beginners to advanced ; The 25 km grand tour on the heights of Lake Paladru is a particularly sporting training ground.

  • Chartreuse side

From Voiron, or from Chalais which offers more sporty courses with incredible height differences.

  • Valdaine side

From the multi-hike station in Saint-Geoire en Valdaine with 3 circuits of different levels.

Discover our permanent routes:

Parcours trail

Trail course

Our new video will definitely give you the motivation to come and discover the 14 trail circuits in our region!

Trail events organized in the region

Thanks to the dynamism of the associations, trail races are organized throughout the year in the Pays Voironnais. Your trail meetings are here!

Événements Trail

Trail events

A new challenge, source of motivation

Our new product for 2024 is a challenge circuit including the 6 trail events in the region: the Pays Voironnais Trail Series (PVTS)! Set up by the organizers of the region's flagship races and their ambassadors, you will have to take part in at least 4 of the 6 PVTS races with rewards for everyone!

Challenge Pays Voironnais Trail Series

Challenge Pays Voironnais Trail Series

The new Pays Voironnais Trail Series challenge in pictures:

Take part in challenges on On Piste

With the app ON TRACK to download to your phone, take part in the challenges offered and share your experiences on the 14 Trail routes in the Pays Voironnais! Track and record your performances, take on the challenges and you might be able to win one of the prizes…