The Tourist Office Boutiques, in Voiron and Charavines, have expanded their ranges of products for sale, including new and unique products! So, to please yourself or to please yourself, don't hesitate to come and discover these new gems!

What new will you find in the stores?

  • exclusive products, co-branded with Rossignol : a backpack, a neck strap and a water bottle,
  • Inspiring Chartreuse : mignonettes and Vegetal Elixir,
  • news postcards,
  • the Voiron Shops map : a multi-brand card to offer a local gift, customizable and valid for all occasions (sold only at the Voiron reception office).

Of course the products already present in our shops are still there!

Zoom on the Voiron Commerce map

Meeting with Geoffrey Trenta, President of Voiron Commerces

Discover the portrait of Geoffrey Trenta, who tells us more about the Voiron Commerces card.

Photo Geoffrey Trenta

Geoffrey Trenta, 29 years old, from Voiron at heart, a former rugby player is driven by the intangible values ​​of this sport which are: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. He is the co-founder of Trenta Immobilier, from the network of agents My Family Immo and also the president of Voiron Commerces since late 2021.

Geoffrey and the members of the merchants' association office were able to breathe new energy into Voiron Commerces by increasing membership from 40 to 200 in record time!

For him, the association is much more than a simple grouping: it is a bulwark defending the interests of traders, a driver of commercial activity and a catalyst for solidarity through training and afterworks.

Driven by a desire for renewal and dynamism, the office has transformed the traditional paper gift card into a revolutionary 2.0 version. Why digitize this card? To simplify its use, reduce administrative tasks for merchants, strengthen its security and meet the expectations of customers now immersed in the digital world.

This is how the new Voiron Commerces 2.0 gift card was born, the result of close collaboration between the association and the Web Media Com agency. 100% local, customizable, rechargeable and now accepted in 45 businesses, this innovation is only the prelude to a promising adventure for local commerce.

Where to get the Voiron Commerce card?

Go to the Tourist Office in Voiron to buy a Voiron Commerce card for €30, €50 or €100.

For any other amount of your choice and to reload a card, go online to the site