Distance: 9.2 km
Level: Mountain bikers
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Level: Suitable for beginners
Elevation: 230 D +
Departure: Saint-Geoire-en-Valdaine
MTB markings, circuit n ° 32.
In the countryside, In the forest, Lake or body of water at -5 km
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Attention, be careful when crossing the secondary road.

By bike

By mountain bike

Circuit temporarily closed due to pruning work.

Circuit to discover the first slopes of the Chartreuse massif, while remaining accessible to the greatest number. You will warm up on extremely fun single-track paths, before finishing with a ford!

You cross one of the richest natural sites in the Isère department (Natura 2000 zone): stay on the path and be as discreet as possible in order to respect the tranquility of Fauna and Flora.
The +: the multi-hike station, the spot for multi-activities and the picnic break

Points of interest

Biscuiterie Louvat

Biscuit factory Louvat

Église Saint Georges
Cultural heritage

Saint George Church

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  • Mountain bikers
  • Blue level - Moderate
  • Suitable for beginners


Free access.

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  • Aire de pique-nique
  • Parking lot
  • Free parking


  • Pet Friendly