Distance: 9 km
Duration (average) : 2h30
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Elevation: 130 D +
Departure: Saint-Sulpice-des-Rivoires
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


This pleasant walk located in Valdaine, on the Mont de Servelongue, will make you discover the forest of Fontaine Mignone "garden forest" which is, above all, a sustainably managed forest.

Composed of several species such as: chestnut trees, oaks, beeches, ash trees, maples, lime trees whose green or orange trees compete in nuances according to the seasons, the forest of Fontaine Mignonne is also called "irregular forest". The principle of the garden forest is to have trees of different ages and sizes coexist in the same place.

At regular intervals, the owners carry out periodic cuts which make it possible to harvest the "ripe" trees, to select the trees which may interfere with each other and to carry out thinning allowing the regeneration of the environment by avoiding the "clear cuts" we can see on some slopes where an entire sector is harvested at once.
The forest paths created for this method of management are also a delight for walkers. You are the witnesses!

Note: Access to this private forest is authorized for hikers who must stay on the marked route. One-off access bans made necessary by forestry activity may limit the authorization to pass. Information will then be put in place in the field.

“The forest is an essential part of our human heritage” (Michel Tournier, Celebrations - Gallimard editions).

Tour stages:
- Saint-Sulpice-des-Rivoires
- Les Fayeux
- Servelongue
- The Donni
- Saint-Sulpice-des-Rivoires

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  • Blue level - Moderate


Free access.