Distance: 24.7 km
Level: Red level - Difficult
Elevation: 660 D +
Departure: Villages of Lake Paladru
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Embark on a complete tour of the lake, and discover the natural and historical heritage of the lake! Course all in reminders but hilly with quite brittle climbs.

Extract from the interview with Mikaël Pasero, local trail ambassador: "Trail running is a great endurance practice. It's complete, there is a taste for effort and the discovery of different places for those who vary the practice sites. As a middle mountain, the Pays Voironnais offers trail running terrain for the general public, in the sense that everyone can enjoy it and find their way around. Accessible at all levels, the paths are less technical and wider , without too many stones and with affordable drops. It also allows you to progress at your own pace. Living in Montferrat, my favorite is really the complete tour of Lac de Paladru. It gives a sense, a goal of game, like when you get to a summit or a particular site; that's what I prefer. "

Note that this course allows you to take sections of the Trail du Lac Paladru course, organized each year on the last weekend of April.

The stages of the circuit:
- Parking at Paladru beach
- Simander
- Simandre Coast
- The Allex
- The Pine
- The gallows
- Ferns
- Pagetière
- Charavines tourist office
- Grove
- Ayguebelle
- The Souchet
- The Poype
- The Cross of the Gilts
- Big Wood
- Petit Essard
- Bilieu
- Haute Veronniere
- The Path of the Marshes
- Parking at Paladru beach

Sustainable tourism : Mother Nature thanks you for leaving with your waste, she digests it badly! Respect crops and private property by staying on marked trails.

Topo / step by step : Benefit from voice guidance on OnPiste: https://www.onpiste.com/explorer/destinations/pays-voironnais-426

Points of interest

Chemin des marais de la Véronnière et du Courbon

Path of the Véronnière and Courbon marshes

Musée archéologique du lac de Paladru
Cultural heritage

Paladru Lake Archaeological Museum

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  • Red level - Difficult


Free access.