Distance: 65 km
Level: Pilgrims
Departure: Voreppe
This pedestrian route allows pilgrims from the Grenoble region to join the Côte St André on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela (GR65) which heads towards Puy en Velay. Its starting point is at Porte de France or Drac at Fontaine. Between Grenoble and Veurey-Voroize there is no specific markings for Saint James. Take the cycle path on the right bank of the Isère or the left bank of the Drac. At the Saint-Egrève dam bridge, continue the cycle path on one of the two banks of the Isère, to Veurey-Voroize then continue on the right bank to the Saint-Quentin bridge. Its markup is a yellow arrow on a blue background.
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Join the road to St Jacques de Compostela from the Quais de l'Isère in Fontaine. The link will take you to the Côte St André via Veurey-Voroize, Saint Quentin sur Isère, Tullins, La fortress, St Michel de St Geoirs and Brézins.

The connection of the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostelle from Grenoble to the Côte St André, allows you to join the "Voie du Puy, via Piodensis" in Puy-en-Velay from Geneva.

In Rhône-Alpes to help you prepare for your trip, contact the Rhône-Alpes Association des Amis de Saint-Jacques.
For the Isère delegation, based in Voiron, Jacques Barjon and Bernadette Garcin will certainly be able to answer your questions.

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